“He’s just too sharp, too strong, he doesn’t even allow opponents breath, Arteta has turned him into a very dangerous player”- Skysport pundit was full of praise for fast and agile Arsenal superstar who has massively improved since Mikel Arteta was hired- Not Saka, Not Martinelli and not Saliba

“He’s just too sharp, too strong, he doesn’t even allow opponents breath, Arteta has turned him into a very dangerous player”- Skysport pundit was full of praise for fast and agile Arsenal superstar who has massively improved since Mikel Arteta was hired- Not Saka, Not Martinelli and not Saliba

A Sky Sports pundit recently praised an Arsenal star who has improved remarkably under manager Mikel Arteta’s guidance during a football game. This player, who is well-known for his quickness, agility, and aggressive style of play, has emerged as a pivotal role in Arsenal’s comeback, routinely frightening opposing defenses and establishing himself as a vital member of the squad. Remarkably, Ben White, the dynamic right-back, is the player under scrutiny rather than William Saliba, Gabriel Martinelli, or Bukayo Saka.

Ben White: A Reformed Defensive Dynamo

There were high hopes and a lot of scrutiny when Ben White joined Arsenal in the summer of 2021 for a rumored £50 million from Brighton & Hove Albion. Some questioned the high cost for a player who is still relatively unknown on the biggest stage. But White has improved under Arteta’s direction, not only repaying the investment but emerging as one of the Premier League’s most formidable defenders.

1. Flexibility and Adaptability: White’s flexibility has been a vital asset since he was first brought in as a center-back. White has been used well at right-back thanks to Arteta’s tactical adaptability, where his quickness and agility have been highlighted. Arsenal now has an extra dimension in both attack and defense thanks to his smooth role-switching.

2. Defensive Mastery: The Sky Sports analyst emphasized White’s defensive abilities, saying that he has grown to be “too strong, too sharp” for opponents. He is now a formidable presence on the right flank thanks to his considerable improvements in anticipation, positional awareness, and tackling. He is difficult for opponents to overcome, and they frequently end up disoriented or outwitted.

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3. Contributions to Attacking: White’s change under Arteta goes beyond his defensive responsibilities. His forward runs, ability to cross the field, and assistance in the attacking third have given Arsenal’s offense a new dimension. Being a dual threat, his ability to link up play with attackers and midfielders has been vital in creating scoring opportunities.

4. Unrelenting Pressing: White’s unrelenting pressing is one of his best features. “He doesn’t even allow opponents to breathe,” the pundit said, alluding to White’s fierce and combative style. His high-octane pressing up the pitch disrupts opposition play, allows Arsenal to regain possession fast, and establishes the fast tempo of the team’s play.

The Impact of Arteta: An Expert in Player Development

It is impossible to overestimate the influence Mikel Arteta had on Ben White’s growth. White’s development into a premier defender has been greatly aided by the Spanish manager’s strategic thinking and attention to detail.

1. Tactical Nuance: White now has a clear understanding of his place on the team thanks to Arteta’s tactical expertise. White has the resources and guidance necessary to succeed whether playing center back or right back. Arteta has sharpened White’s instincts by emphasizing timing, positioning, and decision-making.

2. Calm and Self-Belief: Arteta has given White the self-assurance he needs to play from the back and take calculated chances. Arsenal’s build-up play has benefited greatly from this poise on the ball, which enables the team to switch seamlessly from defense to attack.

3. Physical and Mental Conditioning: White’s physical and mental qualities have significantly improved while under Arteta’s control. His strength and endurance have improved due to rigorous training regimens and a focus on fitness, and his mental toughness has enabled him to remain resilient and focused under duress.

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The Greater Effect on Arsenal

Ben White’s development is a microcosm of Arsenal’s larger metamorphosis under Arteta. The team has been rejuvenated and is now regarded as a legitimate contender in both domestic and European competitions thanks to the manager’s ability to get the most out of his players.

1. Defensive Stability: Arsenal’s defensive stability has been greatly enhanced by White’s performances. White has established a strong backline with players like Gabriel Magalhães and Kieran Tierney that has proven challenging for opponents to penetrate.

3. Inspirational Role Model: White’s journey from a promising young talent to a key player at a top club serves as an inspiration for other players in the squad. His work ethic, dedication, and willingness to adapt exemplify the values that Arteta seeks to instill in his team. Fan and Pundit Reactions:

2. Enhanced Team Dynamics: The versatility of White has allowed Arteta to experiment with different formations and tactical setups, which has made Arsenal less predictable and more adaptable to different game situations, increasing their overall competitiveness.

The Sky Sports analyst’s compliments are indicative of a wider acknowledgement of White’s accomplishments. Supporters have expressed their gratitude loudly, praising his development and recognizing his contributions. Commentators and pundits have also praised his efforts, pointing out how having him on the team has improved Arsenal’s performance.

Taking a Look Ahead: White and Arsenal’s Future

Ben White will continue to play a key role as Arsenal pursues championship glory. He has not yet reached his peak, based on his development under Arteta’s tutelage, and he will probably continue to improve as he acquires more experience and hone his abilities.

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1. Continued Growth: Based on his historical performance, White should keep improving as a player. With the guidance of Arteta and his own perseverance, he will reach new heights.

2. Leadership Potential: White may develop into a more senior member of the team as he gains experience. Because of his experiences and development path, he could be a future captain and mentor to the team’s younger players.

3. Effect on Arsenal’s Success: In the end, White’s efforts will be crucial to Arsenal’s pursuit of trophies. His ability to strike a balance between offensive support and defensive sturdiness will be crucial to the team’s tactical success.


Ben White has undergone an incredible transformation under Mikel Arteta. White’s journey from a gifted but relatively inexperienced signing to one of the Premier League’s most dynamic and dependable defenders is a monument to the strength of good coaching and the player’s own commitment. Fans of Arsenal can anticipate a time when their team will compete fiercely at the top levels, with Ben White playing a key role, as the team continues to rise under the direction of Arteta and White’s unwavering energy.

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