What Bukayo Saka did to the referee after controversial Arsenal penalty call vs Bayern Munich

What Bukayo Saka did to the referee after controversial Arsenal penalty call vs Bayern Munich

Arsenal and Bayern Munich squared off in another thrilling Champions League match at the Emirates Stadium.

Early in the first half, Bukayo Saka gave the Gunners the lead, but a Serge Gnabry effort and a Harry Kane penalty cancelled out his goal. Leandro Trossard’s exquisite finish tied the score for the home team, and Saka’s late penalty appeal added drama to the match’s conclusion. had an even better view, even though the players were being filmed by television so that viewers at home could gain insight. We saw certain things underground that the cameras most likely would not have picked up on.

The DJ works his magic

The Emirates Stadium was packed, but fans of Bayern Munich were not permitted to enter due to a ban stemming from the usage of fireworks during a previous match. As a result, there was hardly any noise about anything Bayern because the stadium was filled with only Arsenal supporters.

But thanks to his excellent song selections at full time and WWE intros at halftime, the DJ at Arsenal Stadium has somewhat of a reputation. He is in charge of reading out the away team’s name as he always does during games. Normally, the visiting supporters applaud when their players’ names are read out, but this time there were none inside the Emirates, so there would have been silence.

I use the word “would have” because he purposefully left a space between two distinct names. The jeers directed at Harry Kane and Eric Dier, two former Tottenham Hotspur players, were expected, and the silence that followed their names was subtle perfection.

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Odegaard shouts at Saka

As usual, Martin Odegaard is a ball of energy who never stops pushing and sprinting, and as captain, he holds his teammates accountable for the same. The Norwegian didn’t want that energy to fade, even with the scores reversed after Serge Gnabry and Harry Kane had negated and overturned Bukayo Saka’s opener.

When Bayern was pressing the back line, they liked to play it across their center halves, and Davies would frequently drop in close to receive the ball when Dier was on it. Saka’s captain wanted to inform him that he had been tardy in responding on a few occasions.

Odegaard was seen yelling at Saka and motioning for him to approach and put pressure on Davies on multiple occasions. The Canadian needed more pressure that evening because they were already booked.

Zinchenko under pressure

Oleksandr Zinchenko is a player with a great deal of risk and reward. He entered the game at halftime with the intention of giving the Gunners greater penetration than Jakub Kiwior could muster in the second half. Although he undoubtedly added another level of play, he was responsible for a few of the team’s goals.

giving the ball away to Bayern, who were heavily penalizing Arsenal when they went on the attack. Several times, as the throng’s scrutiny grew closer to the Ukrainian, players could be seen interacting with their teammates and making gestures.

To the delight of those around him, he made some excellent passes and a crucial clearing header in the closing moments. Mikel Arteta has an intriguing dilemma regarding who starts at left-back in the away leg.


Saka confronts referee

Bukayo Saka appeared to have been fouled in the box by Manuel Neuer right before the game ended. The referee, however, decided it wasn’t a penalty and blew the whistle for full time instead.

Saka pursued the referee as he went down the tunnel after getting treatment. He asked for an explanation for why it was not provided, but he received none at all, and that night’s game ended 2-2, with Arsenal winning all three points in Germany.


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