Gabriel handball called out by Thomas Tuchel as Bayern Munich denied clear penalty vs Arsenal

Gabriel handball called out by Thomas Tuchel as Bayern Munich denied clear penalty vs Arsenal

Thomas Tuchel, the manager of Bayern Munich, has maintained that during a “crazy and awkward” moment in the Champions League match, his team should have been given another penalty against Arsenal.

Tuesday night’s 2-2 draw between the Gunners and the German champions was made possible by Leandro Trossard’s equalizer, which came less than fifteen minutes from the end. This happened after Harry Kane gave Bayern the lead at the Emirates Stadium with a penalty kick.

But when Gabriel Magalhaes handled the ball as he was about to take a goal kick in the second half, Tuchel thought his team should have been awarded another penalty. The former Chelsea head coach gave TNT Sports an explanation of why he believed the Gunners should have been given a penalty: “I think the referee did not have the courage today to give a deserved penalty in a bit of a crazy and awkward situation.”

“However, he acknowledged on the field that he observed the circumstance and that a quarterfinal is insufficient for him to award a penalty for his error. His admission that he was aware of the player’s error is a little annoying.

“I don’t know which central defender it was, but the goalie was whistling when he passed the ball to him. The defender touched the ball with his hand, believing it to be out of the game, even though it was. The referee acknowledged that it was a handball and that it was in play.



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“It was not worth looking at the mistake which is very frustrating for our players and leaves us angry.” The tie is still very much in the balance heading into Wednesday’s rematch at the Allianz Arena after the 2-2 draw.

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