Arsene Wenger has theory over why Gabriel Jesus is not scoring enough goals at Arsenal

Arsene Wenger has theory over why Gabriel Jesus is not scoring enough goals at Arsenal

The reasons why Arsene Wenger believes Gabriel Jesus isn’t scoring enough goals for Arsenal have been made public.

During his more than 20 years as Arsenal’s manager, the renowned Frenchman had a number of outstanding goal scorers on his teams at Highbury and the Emirates.

His forwards were skilled goal scorers, from players like Robin van Persie and Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to Ian Wright, Nicolas Anelka, and Thierry Henry.

Wenger believes he knows why Jesus, an Arsenal striker, has struggled in front of goal.

Why Gabriel Jesus isn’t netting enough goals for Arsenal is explained by Arsene Wenger.

Gabriel Jesus was a Manchester City player that Arsenal acquired prior to the 2022–2023 season.

The Brazilian entered the game with great anticipation, and he made a spectacular debut. In his first nine league games, he helped Arsenal become title contenders with six goals and three assists.

But ever since, Jesus has faced criticism and difficulty in front of the goal. He scored just six more goals in the Premier League during the remaining part of the previous campaign, and this time around he is now ranked lower than Kai Havertz.

Arsene Wenger has now given his assessment of Jesus.

One of the greatest football managers of all time, the Frenchman thinks the Brazilian is capable of far more scoring than he has since joining Arsenal.

Wenger believes that the number of games he has missed due to injuries is the reason he has struggled in front of goal.

Wenger said on Instagram to Freddie Ljungberg: “I believe Gabriel Jesus is seriously injured, which is why they (Arsenal) don’t have Thierry Henry right now.

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“He has more aspirations than what you can currently see in him. You are aware that in and out is what the highest level will not stand for. The guys who show up time and time again are the ones who write history.

“Messi and Ronaldo played 50–60 games a year for 15 years.”



At Arsenal, how many games has Gabriel Jesus missed because of injury?

Every time he plays up front for Arsenal, Gabriel Jesus gives a lot to the team, but as a striker, people only consider how many goals he scores.

The Brazil international is the first to acknowledge that he does not get enough opportunities to find the back of the net. It’s one aspect of his game where he truly needs to get better.

However, considering how many games Jesus has missed due to injury since joining Arsenal, Arsene Wenger’s remarks above make a lot of sense.

Due to a knee injury he sustained during the World Cup in Qatar, the former Manchester City player missed fifteen games of the previous campaign. This season, he has missed 16 games due to four separate stints on the sidelines.

That’s a loss of 31 games in less than two seasons, which is really bad. Wenger is correct; Jesus’ frequent absences have undoubtedly affected his goal return.

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