If Man City is found guilty, the Premier League will punish them as follows.

If Man City is found guilty, the Premier League will punish them as follows.

There is currently a very competitive race between Manchester City, Liverpool, and Arsenal for the coveted Premier League title. However, the specter of 115 Financial Fair Play (FFP) allegations leveled against Manchester City casts a shadow over their success.

This season is reminiscent of an earlier incident in which Nottingham Forest was hit with similar charges and lost four points, dropping them into the Premier League relegation zone. Everton has also had to deal with the fallout from their transgressions. However, Manchester City is left wondering what will happen to their case in the near future.

The accusations against Manchester City are long-standing; they cover nine seasons, from 2009 to 2018, when they won the league title three times and came under heavy criticism. Manchester City, while adamantly disputing the charges, is in a different situation than teams such as Everton and Nottingham Forest.

The Premier League’s chief executive, Richard Masters, has emphasized the unique aspects of Manchester City’s charges, implying that their case is being handled differently. In contrast to other cases, Manchester City’s situation does not have a set deadline for resolution.

There has been no official confirmation, but there are many rumors indicating that a hearing may take place in the fall of 2024. Manchester City might be subject to a number of punishments if found guilty, such as heavy fines, possible relegation, and even losing any titles won during the controversial time under investigation.

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