The former star player for Chelsea, Eden Hazard, recently revealed the one player in the current Chelsea team that he feels outperforms him.

The former star player for Chelsea, Eden Hazard, recently revealed the one player in the current Chelsea team that he feels outperforms him.

The legendary Chelsea player Eden Hazard recently revealed the one player in his illustrious career that he believes is better than him.

Speaking to L’Equipe, Hazard acknowledged that Lionel Messi is the only player who has outperformed him on the field, especially when Messi was at Barcelona.

Hazard called Messi the greatest player in history and expressed admiration for his unmatched talent.

Hazard stated that he does not think Cristiano Ronaldo is better than him in terms of pure football skill, despite acknowledging Ronaldo’s status as a legendary figure in the sport.

Hazard claims that Neymar is another player who belongs in the same league as Ronaldo and him. Hazard’s evaluation, however, suggests that Messi is the best of his peers.

When asked about Ronaldo’s well-known work ethic and mindset, Hazard gave an alternative answer.

He acknowledged that his personality would not have fit with Ronaldo’s extreme commitment to training and self-improvement.

Rather than going all out like Ronaldo, Hazard takes a more laid-back approach to his free time, relishing in pastimes with friends.

In response to concerns about his level of fitness during his time at Real Madrid, Hazard explained that he had just finished one of his best seasons ever with Chelsea and had given himself permission to overindulge during the summer before moving to Madrid.

He underlined that, following years of intense training and dedication in England, he was enjoying the holiday season, which included wine and grilling.

He did admit that things did not go as expected in Madrid, which raised questions about his lifestyle and level of fitness.

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Hazard refuted charges of being lazy and maintained his dedication to practicing, playing, and running, while acknowledging that there were times when he lacked drive.

Additionally, he rejected the idea of rigorous dieting, saying that he would rather indulge in life’s small pleasures—like champagne—than follow a rigid schedule.

With reference to his tenure at Real Madrid, Hazard acknowledged his enduring passion for Zinedine Zidane and conveyed appreciation for the club’s renowned Bernabéu stadium.

He did admit, though, that the club’s swagger and playing style did not suit his personal tastes. Despite this, Hazard considered joining Real Madrid to be a vital step in his career progression and considered it to be a dream come true.

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