BREAKING NEWS: It appears that Chelsea’s internal operations and on-field difficulties are getting more and more difficult.

BREAKING NEWS: It appears that Chelsea's internal operations and on-field difficulties are getting more and more difficult.

The American owner has had complete control over Chelsea since purchasing the team from Roman Abramovich and Clearlake Capital in 2022, bringing about a number of notable changes and difficulties.

Regretfully, despite significant expenditures totaling close to £1 billion in player transfers, the team has struggled and has not been able to win any trophies in the last two years.

The team has had four different managers since Frank Lampard’s disastrous interim tenure, which resulted in the firings of Graham Potter and Thomas Tuchel.

Now in charge of Chelsea, former Tottenham and PSG manager Mauricio Pochettino is guiding the team to an 11th-place finish in the Premier League.

The American owner has been under fire, with many blaming his poor decision-making for the team’s failures.

Reports state that Chelsea’s owners have a contract that stipulates the current chairman may retire after three years.

Because of this arrangement, the chairmanship can be changed every five years, which could allow Behdad Eghbali and Jose Feliciano of Clearlake Capital to choose Boehly’s successor by 2027.

This agreement is not legally enforceable, though, and if Clearlake is chosen as chairman in 2032, Boehly may take back the post.

It is important to understand that this reported agreement is not so much a commitment as it is a suggestion.
Clearlake could keep Boehly as Chelsea’s manager if he decides not to suggest someone else.

There is a claim that Eghbali’s influence on the team has increased dramatically in the last year, despite the harsh criticism.

The article highlights that even though an agreement is in place, Boehly has no plans to step down willingly and there is no indication that Eghbali and Feliciano will accept the position.

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Boehly has consistently attended Chelsea matches, but Eghbali and Feliciano have mostly stayed out of the spotlight.

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