Prior to Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Mauricio Pochettino speaks with the referee of the Carabao Cup final.

Prior to Chelsea vs. Liverpool, Mauricio Pochettino speaks with the referee of the Carabao Cup final.

Referee Chris Kavanagh will be expected to maintain fairness in the forthcoming Carabao Cup final between Chelsea and Liverpool, especially in light of Mauricio Pochettino’s concerns.

After Chelsea’s 4-1 loss to Liverpool at Anfield on January 31, Pochettino vented his displeasure, pointing to a number of choices that went against his team.

While Klopp wants to add more trophies to Liverpool’s collection before he leaves in May, Pochettino is under pressure to win his first trophy with Chelsea.

In response to a question concerning the pressure Klopp and Liverpool are under to win a trophy this year, Pochettino acknowledged the inquiry but speculated that the pressure might be more external.

He highlighted the value of fair competition and stated that he hoped for impartial officiating, especially since he felt wronged by choices made during their previous match against Liverpool.

Pochettino stressed the importance of treating everyone equally and voiced his displeasure with the officiating during their match at Anfield, believing that crucial calls went against Chelsea.

He drew attention to incidents in which Chelsea escaped penalties and suggested that there were prejudices in 50/50 matches, suggesting that he wanted an even playing field for the forthcoming championship match.

While praising Klopp’s ability as a coach and Liverpool’s collective strength, Pochettino emphasized the significance of being free from outside pressure at Wembley.

He stated that he wanted a competition that is fair and free from the pressure of outside expectations, with the best team coming out on top.

All things considered, Pochettino’s remarks highlight the need of impartiality and fairness in officiating as well as the desire for level playing fields during the Carabao Cup final.

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In the end, he wants a result that is decided only by the performances of the teams on the day. He wants to make sure Chelsea can compete on an equal footing.

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