There are strong arguments made for Roman Abramovich’s possible return, and Chelsea has been asked to think about it.

There are strong arguments made for Roman Abramovich's possible return, and Chelsea has been asked to think about it.

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich was forced to sell Chelsea two years ago due to financial penalties imposed by the UK government over alleged ties to the Russian government. Abramovich remains a significant figure in the club’s history, and former striker Dmitry Bulykin has emphasized the necessity of the Russian billionaire returning to Chelsea, arguing that the club’s chances of winning another championship would be severely diminished without the Russian billionaire at the helm.

Even though American billionaires Todd Boehly and Behdad Eghbali purchased the team, many supporters still hold out hope that Abramovich will eventually rejoin the team.

Bulykin’s remarks echo the opinions of those who believe that Abramovich’s financial support and stewardship are the main reasons behind Chelsea’s previous victories.

The notion of Abramovich going back to Chelsea in order to “make things right” bespeaks of a desire to see the team’s heyday come back under his ownership.

The fact that Bulykin praised Abramovich as the perfect owner emphasizes how important Abramovich’s legacy is to the Chelsea community and how his absence has affected the team’s results.

But Bulykin also recognizes that, given the current situation, Abramovich may find it difficult to reclaim ownership of Chelsea.

Sanctions imposed by the UK government on Abramovich make any possible comeback more difficult and raise questions about its viability.

Bulykin is upbeat about Abramovich’s comeback and how it might affect Chelsea’s on-field performance in spite of the obstacles.

Reiterating the belief that Abramovich’s direction was crucial to the team’s previous triumphs, he says Chelsea would be well-positioned to win significant trophies under Abramovich’s leadership.

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In the end, Bulykin’s comments highlight the nuanced connection between football clubs’ identities, success, and ownership.

Abramovich’s comeback is a ray of hope for Chelsea fans like Bulykin, who want to see the team reach new heights and regain its former glory.

The logistics and difficulties of such a reunion, however, are still unknown, so supporters are left to wonder what lies ahead for their cherished team.

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