“Not the best decision,” Cech says of Petrovic’s failure to save the Palace goal.

"Not the best decision," Cech says of Petrovic's failure to save the Palace goal.

On Monday, Chelsea defeated Crystal Palace 3-1, but the Blues gave up early when Jefferson Lerma of the Eagles scored at the halfway point.

The goal was a strong long-range shot that was nearly perfect and hard to stop, but Petr Cech is adamant that Djordje Petrovic had a chance to stop it if he had taken a different action.

On Monday Night Football, the renowned former goalie stated, “I talked about the two philosophies you see in the modern goalkeeping.” Either you take a big step and narrow the angle, or you take a big one.

“Petrovic drops on the goal line to open up space for a step and a push when you see him. It is more likely to be a straight shot at this point because the player is unable to get around the defender. When you look at it that way, you can close the angle and gain yards by stepping up. “There’s a big space to cover when you’re standing deep.” Although he can’t reach it, he has a good step and reach, and in my opinion, it would be better to touch it. A decision needs to be made. It’s not always the best idea to go deep sometimes.

Three Chelsea players are to blame for Palace’s opening goal; they “should never be allowed to play a Premier League game again.”

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