The Chelsea captain is “progressing well” following surgery and is wearing boots.

The Chelsea captain is "progressing well" following surgery and is wearing boots.

When it comes to injuries, no news is usually good news, and it appears that Reece James’s most recent issue is no exception.

The most recent “update: no update” regarding the right back’s hamstring came from Bobby Vincent. In an attempt to address James’ ongoing health problems, the club captain uploaded a photo of him wearing boots. Vincent replied, saying, “Understand Reece.” James is making good progress and is on track. However, those in his immediate vicinity are hesitant to estimate when he will return.

Although it’s not full training, it does indicate that he’s made progress from the gym to the outside, which is always a thrilling stage.

Naturally, as usual, they don’t want to give too much detail about the date lest Mauricio Pochettino be questioned about it at every ensuing press conference. However, based on this information, we’re happy with the direction things are taking, and we should see Reece back in action before the season is out.

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