‘Hate him with a passion’: Liverpool fans moan about Arteta’s celebration

'Hate him with a passion': Liverpool fans moan about Arteta's celebration

Arteta lost control of his emotions following Arsenal’s third goal in a match against Liverpool, and Liverpool supporters were not amused.

Trossard’s goal through Alisson’s legs was the icing on the cake.

Trossard put the final nail in the coffin scoring through Alisson's legs.

Arteta celebrated in typical Mourinho fashion.

Following this emotional outburst, Liverpool supporters declared they detested Arteta for his enthusiasm.

Shaun: “Klopp runs up line like that. I detest Arteta with all my heart. I was scheduled… Arteta was outside of his technical area for the entire game.

Sam McGuire: “What justifies Arteta’s touchline operation? Is he not meant to remain in a box?”

Todd, an LFC fan: “It’s true that he’s a horrible guy. By the end of the season, they won’t even be close.”

Stiddaed: “To be honest, I also detest arteta.”

Paul Leigh: “The clown believes he has won the league.”

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