GOAL | Raul makes it 1-1 after a mistake in the midfield!

GOAL | Raul makes it 1-1 after a mistake in the midfield!

The striker’s masterpiece of a goal against Arsenal was scored by Raul Jimenez. The Fulham forward showed excellent control at a critical moment, receiving the ball with accuracy and completing a clinical finish that rendered the goalkeeper and Arsenal’s defense useless.

With his goal, Jimenez not only displayed his technical skill but also his capacity to take advantage of scoring opportunities when things get tight.

The goal cemented Jimenez’s standing as a potent goal scorer in the Premier League and was a major factor in the game’s conclusion. Both supporters and commentators praised the Mexican striker’s performance, noting his skill, positioning, and goal-scoring instincts.


🚨🚨| GOAL: Fulham equalise!

Fulham 1-1 Arsenal

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