VIDEO | Outstanding penalty save from Raya!

VIDEO | Outstanding penalty save from Raya!

David Raya demonstrated his goalkeeping skills in an ultimately futile attempt during Arsenal’s 2-0 loss to West Ham.

Even though they lost, Raya still had a huge impact because he showed off his incredible shot-stopping ability by stopping a penalty.

The Spanish goalkeeper prevented the opposition from scoring a vital goal by showcasing his reflexes and agility. Arsenal lost, though, as West Ham’s offensive strength proved to be too much for their defense.

In the face of a difficult result, Raya’s remarkable moment demonstrated his skill and resilience, and both fans and analysts acknowledged his critical role in trying to keep his team competitive against a strong opponent.


🚨🚨| SAVED by Raya!

— TTS. (@TransferSector) December 28, 2023

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