VIDEO | Saka drops Klopp on the ground

VIDEO | Saka drops Klopp on the ground

In the 35th minute of Liverpool vs. Arsenal, Bukayo Saka showed off his deft dribbling skills by dribbling past Konstantinos Tsimikas in a dramatic turn of events. But what happened next gave the interaction a surprising turn.

Saka accidentally collided with Jurgen Klopp, the fervent manager of Liverpool, when he shoved Tsimikas to give him an advantage in his run. There was a moment of chaos and surprise on the sidelines as Klopp lost his balance and fell to the ground due to the impact.

Pundits, analysts, and fans all quickly turned their attention to the incident involving Saka, Tsimikas, and Klopp. Social media was a flurry of activity as people expressed differing views about whether Saka’s actions were intentional or just an accident.

For a brief period, the match’s unusual aspect—a player colliding with a manager—overshadowed the action on the field, keeping fans anxiously awaiting the referee’s call and the possible fallout for the Arsenal player.


A quick look at the action that caused Tsimikas shoulder-collar bone injury.

— LFC Transfer Room (@LFCTransferRoom) Dece

mber 23, 2023

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