Micah Richards: “This team will win the Premier League”!

Micah Richards: “This team will win the Premier League”!

Micah Richards says he admires Mikel Arteta and that he loves the passion even though the manager of Arsenal sometimes goes overboard. Richards recognizes the fine line Arteta always treads, acknowledging the manager’s awareness that Arteta needs to be at the top of his game to compete in the Premier League.

Richards considers the criticism Arteta endured, ranging from skepticism following his FA Cup victory to demands for his resignation. Richards, though, recognizes Arteta’s steady progress in assembling a disciplined and strong Arsenal squad that is capable of both goal scoring and defense.

Richards believes that considering the tough competition in the Premier League, Arteta’s animated touchline presence makes sense. With teams like Manchester City and Liverpool playing at their best, Arteta’s intensity on the sidelines is a reflection of his understanding of the difficult opposition that lies ahead. Richards recognizes the tough opponents Arsenal faces, such as Liverpool, Manchester City, and Tottenham, and he appreciates the manager’s zeal.

Richards believes that Arteta’s enthusiastic personality demonstrates his dedication to leading Arsenal to victory in the fiercely competitive Premier League.

🗣️Micah Richards is a big fan of Mikel Arteta: “You know what, he gets carried away, but I just love it. I think there is a fine line. I think he is always teetering on that line a little bit.

“But he knows he has to be at his absolute best to win this Premier League. All them…

— Arsenal News Channel (@Arsenalnewschan) December 21, 2023

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