David Luiz explains why Arsenal didn’t win the League at his time!

David Luiz explains why Arsenal didn’t win the League at his time!

Luiz clarified an important turning point in his leadership role within the team in a recent talkSPORT interview. When the subject of season goals came up during the first meeting with the players, he saw an unexpected absence: nobody was speaking about winning the Premier League.

Luiz, who never backs down from a challenge, cut the conversation short.

He told his teammates to slow down and reevaluate their goals. He urged, “STOP,” stressing that they were only getting started in the season. His message was very clear: thinking about the title should be the primary objective, and ambition is the cornerstone.

It’s evidence of Luiz’s seasoned viewpoint that he instilled a winning mentality in the team’s culture right away.

Luiz on talkSPORT

“I made my first meeting with the players & we were talking about goals of the seasons & nobody was talking about winning the PL. I said STOP, we are just at the beginning of the season, the 1st thing you need is ambition, you have to think about the title.”

— ابو (@MAA_Gunner) December 21, 2023

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