BREAKING | Ivan Toney gave a hint for his New Club!

BREAKING | Ivan Toney gave a hint for his New Club!

The goal-scoring guy, Ivan Toney, posted something on Instagram that made people take notice. There was a comment made there, almost like an imploring him to sign with Arsenal.

And what do you know? Ivan liked the comment, giving it his thumbs up. Fans are now going crazy, believing that this is a covert hint that he may actually relocate to Arsenal.

People are focusing on every detail, analyzing the situation as if it were a detective story, trying to decipher whether he is providing clues or is just playing practical jokes on everyone.

We’re all glued to our screens waiting for the Ivan Toney’s new Club as football gossip has gone digital!

Ivan Toney liked this comment…😳

— george (@StokeyyG2) December 20, 2023

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