Arsenal might won’t play Champions League never again

Arsenal might won’t play Champions League never again

The highly anticipated European Super League relaunch takes place this morning, revealing new tournament plans in response to a landmark decision from the European Court of Justice (ECJ).

According to the ECJ’s ruling, Uefa and Fifa engaged in “unlawful” behavior when they attempted to obstruct the rebellious tournament at its inception in 2021. The decision made it clear that approval for the Super League project is not a given, even though it acknowledged that the governing bodies had “abused their dominant position” by preventing the creation of new club competitions.

The company that supports the European Super League, A22, exclaimed with delight that “the Uefa monopoly is over” and that “football is free.” LaLiga responded by denouncing the Super League as “a selfish and elitist model” in a statement.

A22 is scheduled to present a revised proposal for midweek European Competitions for men and women at 11 a.m. GMT in response to today’s ruling. Unlike the previous European Super League plan, which excluded permanent memberships and included promotion and relegation dynamics, the new plan supposedly bases participation on sporting merit.

🚨🏆 Super League potential format announced.

🔢 64 teams.

📊 3 divisions (Star, Gold and Blue) with promotions and relegations.

⚽️ 14 games each season per team.

🏡 7 at home.

🛫 7 away.

🔓 It will be an open competition

⚔️ Two phases: League and playoffs.

— Fabrizio Romano (@FabrizioRomano) December 21, 2023

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