Mikel Arteta’s Reason for getting booked is so funny!

Mikel Arteta’s Reason for getting booked is so funny!

The manager of Arsenal, Mikel Arteta, was recently handed a booking for waving to one of his players during a game, which was a funny but unusual situation.

The incident revealed Arteta’s lighter side and was a rare instance of humor in the normally serious world of football.

The sight of a manager getting sent off for a seemingly harmless gesture brought an unanticipated comic element to the match.

It gave a human face to the frequently stoic role of a coach, which helped fans relate to and like Arteta. This incident demonstrated Arteta’s capacity to keep a cheerful and carefree attitude in the competitive and high-stress world of professional football, in addition to offering a brief moment of humor during play.

Mikel Arteta says he got booked for waving to Gabriel Martinelli!

How can you not find Mikel funny. 😂😂

— 360Mediagist (@360mediagist  December 18, 2023

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