🚨 UEFA Rankings are out and you won’t believe where Arsenal is placed

🚨 UEFA Rankings are out and you won’t believe where Arsenal is placed

Fans are taken aback by Arsenal’s current ranking of 21st in the UEFA Club Ranking, which suggests that the club’s past achievements are not being given enough credit.


Being positioned at number 21 feels like a slight to Arsenal’s storied past, which includes league titles and unforgettable European campaigns. Advocates contend that the club ought to be regarded more highly due to its regular participation in European leagues, such as the UEFA Champions League.

The ranking, which is frequently based on current results, might undervalue the long-lasting influence of Arsenal’s footballing heritage. It is disrespectful, according to critics, who highlight the need for a more thorough assessment that takes into account a club’s overall contribution to European football.

Rankings are naturally dynamic, but the attitude among Arsenal supporters highlights a desire for recognition of the team’s significant contribution to defining the football landscape on the continent.
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