Arsenal ƙeeрing an eye on in-form Borᴜssia Dortmᴜnd man

Arsenal ƙeeрing an eye on in-form Borᴜssia Dortmᴜnd man

Arsenal is still interested in signing Dortmund’s Julian Brandt as the attacker continues to show promise this year. Premier Leahy’s cronies, including Liverpool, have previously targeted Brandt, even though so far no real steps have been taken to secure his services.

Arsenal is once again interested in Brandt after his impressive performances for Dortmønd this season, where he contributed assists and goals in eleven Bundesliga games. Arsenal is expected to compete with Newcastle United for the chance to sign him, according to Mirror Football.

Newcastle has cash on hand and might approach Dortmund to discuss a possible transfer once the current campaign concludes. Given the rivalry between Arsenal and Newcastle, it’s possible that Brandt will be in high demand during the upcoming transfer window.

Jᴜst Arsenal Oрinion

Brandt has performed admirably in the Bundesliga in recent seasons, and he will undoubtedly contribute to the team if he joins our growing roster.

It would not be easy for attac̙ers to sign, though, as he has other suitors and recently signed a new contract in Dortm⅜nd.

However, we are among the best clans in England and should combine our efforts to include him in our group.

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