Saka just did something no Arsenal player has ever done in the PL

Saka just did something no Arsenal player has ever done in the PL

Saka just completed a task that no player from Arsenal has ever completed in the Premier League.

Yesterday at the Emirates, Arsenal defeated Burnley in a match that saw Bukayo Saka create Premier League history for the team.

Since making his debut in the first team four years ago, the 22-year-old has been incredible and is arguably the best player in the team.

In the past few seasons, his production has increased to unprecedented levels; thus far this season, he has recorded 14 goals and 17 assists.

Even though he was not the scorer against Burnley, he set up Leandro Trossard’s first goal at the end of the first half when Saka rose to loop a flawless header that the Belgian was able to force into the net.

Saka creates Arsenal’s Premier League history.

Saka’s assist was crucial for Arsenal in the game because it gave them the advantage over a resolute Burnley defense. It was also Saka’s first Premier League goal or assist against Burnley.

This means that Saka is the first player in Arsenal’s Premier League history to score or provide an assist against every opponent he has faced, as disclosed by data guru Harvey Downes.

In his time in the Premier League, Saka has faced 24 different teams. In his six appearances against the Clarets, Burnley was the only team he had not scored or assisted against until yesterday.

Who are Saka’s preferred opponents in the Premier League?

Saka has only not scored against Burnley and Leicester, but he now has one assist against the opponents from yesterday and two in six games against Leicester.

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Saka’s favorite opponents in terms of goals scored is Manchester United, against whom he has made eight appearances and provided three assists.

The England player has five goals and five assists against Southampton in addition to his four assists against Everton, who he prefers to assist.

Saka has led Arsenal to regular victories over their main London rivals, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur, with four goals and two assists apiece.

Saka will soon take on Luton Town in the Premier League for the first time since Arsenal’s promotion, and he hopes to maintain this amazing record against his 25th opponent.

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