Erik ten Hag removes player from Manchester United WhatsApp group – report

Erik ten Hag removes player from Manchester United WhatsApp group – report

Jadon Sancho haѕ been removed from the Mancheѕter United WhatѕAрр grouр

The Sun reports that Jadon Sancho has been cut from Manchester United’s WhatsApp group.

The 23-year-old player was taken out of the regular messaging platform that manager Erik ten Hag and staff used to send information to players prior to games and training sessions.

After publicly criticizing the Man United player on social media platform X in September, Sancho was already dropped from the first team and prohibited from training.

After Ten Hag claimed he was dropped from the matchday squad against Arsenal because of his poor attitude in training, the former Dortmund player defended himself.

Sancho has since deleted the post on social media, but I haven’t apologized to the manager despite his teammate’s, the staff’s, and the players’ best efforts to persuade him at Old Trafford.

He was prohibited by Ten Hag from using any first-team facilities, such as the canteen. He was brought to the academy exhibition with his food, and he also changed in his own drawing room.

He has since been removed from the What’s App group, and it seems that there is no turning back for him as far as Man United is concerned.

Sancho is anticipated to depart in January, and it appears that he will have plenty of opportunities.

He’s already been connected to a return to Dortmund, and Juventus are supposedly interested in signing him.

Even though he has struggled to improve since returning to England to join Man United in 2021, some Premier League clubs may still be interested in hiring him. His enormous potential is undeniable.

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Sancho will be eager to prove himself anywhere, but considering some of the criticism he has received both on and off the field, he might need to mature first and change his attitude.


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