BREAKING – Arsenal could be given the EPL Title after Man City breaches 115 Premier League Rules as EPL Giants set to be hit with 12 points Deductions

BREAKING – Arsenal could be given the EPL Title after Man City breaches 115 Premier League Rules as EPL Giants set to be hit with 12 points Deductions

When Arsenal faced up against Manchester City for the championship last season, a contest they ultimately lost to Pep Guardiola’s squad, supporters of the club couldn’t help but feel frustrated.

Though they knew that these disputes would not be resolved until the last season, they were worried about the 115 alleged rule violations attributed to their title rivals.

Arsenal’s situation, though, might be even worse. Everton has been under fire from the Premier League for allegedly breaking Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations.

Everton might receive a 12-point deduction if proven guilty, which would be a record for a Premier League team.

This report has brought Manchester City and their ongoing problem with the Premier League back into the public eye. The matter has been investigated since it was made public earlier this year.

The comparatively quiet nature of this issue is due to the voluminous complaints made against City.

This has led to a lengthy process that may take years to finish, which may temporarily ease Arsenal supporters’ concerns.

James Carragher compared the possible punishment for Everton to what Manchester City could receive if found guilty on social media, which was really humorous.

On X (formerly known as Twitter), the former Liverpool defender said, “The PL [Premier League] wants a 12-point deduction for Everton for one charge.” Man City will end up in the National League North if the Premier League gets its way!

The truth is that the Commission is looking into the charges in secret and under tight confidentiality.

It’s unlikely that until the process is completed, any information about when we could be approaching the end will become available. Because of this, the uncertainty around the situation’s resolution may be the source of worry.

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It is plausible to argue that a possible point deduction for Manchester City—especially one greater than what Everton is currently facing—might not be adequate to make up for the harm done. Like any other club in the previous ten years, Arsenal may contend that they would have won the title had it not been for City’s purported infractions.

In the modern world, if it can be seen that City profited from the alleged crimes, a point penalty in addition to possible penalties might be considered a fair punishment. It is clear that if this advantage had been confirmed, it could have continued for more seasons.

To put an end to the matter, even Pep Guardiola thinks that reaching a resolution “as soon as possible” is the wisest course of action. Arsenal naturally wants to win, but the exact result is still unknown at this point.

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