Arsenal icon Thierry Henry hails Arsenal’s generational talent who played his best game against Chelsea last night

Arsenal icon Thierry Henry hails Arsenal’s generational talent who played his best game against Chelsea last night

Arsenal great Thierry Henry praised Arsenal’s generational genius, who performed well against Chelsea last night: “He was so brilliant against Chelsea, he was one of the major positives for Arsenal last night, all he needs to do is just keep getting better.”


Henry praised Declan Rice for harming Chelsea in Saturday night’s 2-2 draw between Arsenal and Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

When they fell behind 2-0 in the second half, Mikel Arteta’s team was in serious trouble, but Chelsea goalkeeper Robert Sanchez salvaged the day.

Declan Rice failed miserably in his attempt to play out from the back and had a wonderful opportunity to put the ball into an empty Chelsea net, but it wasn’t that simple.

Declan Rice scores again for Arsenal in the Premier League, following his game-winning goal against Manchester United, showcasing his ability to step up when it counts.

Roy Keane was very loud about it at the time, but that was one of the earlier critiques levied at the former West Ham United midfielder, that he didn’t do enough forward.

However, he is stepping up for an Arsenal team that is still unbeaten after nine Premier League games now that he is playing on a bigger platform.

Declan Rice’s goal against Chelsea

Wright said, “I think that was a wonderful technique. “He had a split second to actually carry out that, to make sure it was curling away from the keeper.”

Arsenal doesn’t seem to be operating at full speed or giving their best effort in the early going of the new season.

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One of the causes of this is competing against Manchester United, Tottenham Hotspur, Manchester City, and Chelsea.

They currently sit second in the table, level with leaders Manchester City and one point ahead of Liverpool (BBC Sports), but the newcomers are still adjusting and Arteta is reshaping his squad for a title fight.

After all, Arteta has made a lot of changes this season, such as switching the keeper and not playing Thomas Partey in his usual position.

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