Manchester United Legend Rio Ferdinand says Arsenal’s €35M star is arguably the best player on planet- Mot Saka, Not Saliba and not Declan Rice

Rio Ferdinand, a former player for Manchester United, says Arsenal’s €35 million guy is the best player on the earth and that he wishes he played for Manchester United rather than Arsenal. Not Declan Rice, Saka, or Saliba.

A pundit asserts that the £30 million Arsenal player is unquestionably among the best in the world Every once in a while, an underdog international team produces a couple of outstanding players who can carry a nation.

Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey from Wales, the Laudrup brothers from Denmark, and Ferenc Puskas and Sandor Kocsis from Hungary achieved it before.

Erling Haaland and Martin Odegaard, two current Norwegian players, are the envy of world football, but they aren’t playing together as well as they should.

Despite having Haaland and Odegaard on the same side and referring to them as possibly the best in the world, Norway hasn’t made it to Euro 2024, and Mark Schwarzer has struggled to explain why on the Optus Sport Football Podcast.

One of the most important philosophers in history is considered to be Odegaard.

Schwarzer talked about Erling Haaland and the £30 million Arsenal attacker.

“Let’s talk about Norway. We often mention how underachieved they are, and Wales has historically had fantastic examples in Gareth Bale and Aaron Ramsey. But what is it about Norway? In Odegaard and Haaland, who are undoubtedly two of the best players in the world right now, the ball was hardly touched by Haaland. Why are those two elite athletes unable to consistently produce performances and results? Schwarzer questioned.

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Norway must learn how to capitalize on the power of this golden generation, or they will live to regret it forever.

Any team should be able to compete in any competition with Odegaard and Haaland firing on all cylinders, yet for some reason, neither player gels on the international stage.

If this keeps up, Norway will miss out on what may be a golden period of football, so something has to change there.

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