Man Utd Legend Rio Ferdinand criticized £47M Arsenal star after his poor performance for his country yesterday

Man Utd Legend Rio Ferdinand criticized £47M Arsenal star after his poor performance for his country yesterday

I can’t believe this is the person Mikel Arteta wants to employ to win the Premier League because he’s just so mid, but he was a horrible disgrace and couldn’t even trap the ball. Rio Ferdinand, a former Manchester United player, criticized Arsenal’s £47 million star after his poor performance for his nation yesterday.

After his performance for his country last night, a £45 million Arsenal player was criticized by the national media. This time around, Arsenal had several players called up for international service due to their outstanding team’s widespread recognition.

A few of the Brazilian Gunners players were called up. The 1-1 draw between Brazil and Venezuela on Friday night included Gabriel Magalhaes and Gabriel Jesus among others. Magalhaes’ name appeared on the scoreboard as well.

Jesus, though, had yet another unsuccessful night hitting the net, and the Brazilian media caught up on it.

When determining their player ratings for the evening, the Brazilian media Globo applauded Jesus for his efforts, but his final product was noted and criticized once more.

He put forth a lot of effort and went all over the field, making a tackle even outside of Brazil’s defensive zone. It wasn’t very effective up front, according to Globo.

In the Arsenal player’s career, there seems to be a recurring pattern. The goals aren’t always there, but there is a fantastic player who has a significant impact on games. And it seems like these occurrences happen way too frequently.

It’s obvious that the Brazilians want him to succeed in the yellow shirt. But as it seems to be the case with Jesus and Richarlison, the pressure of being a Selecao goal scorer weighs heavily on individuals.

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The same thing happened to Jesus in front of Arsenal supporters. The overall impact and work rate are present, but the goals and completion are occasionally absent.

Jesus is experiencing a challenging moment. He must guide Arsenal to the title; if he succeeds, it won’t matter if he blows a few excellent opportunities.

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