Folarin Balogun reveals the hidden truth and what Mikel Arteta said to him before he left Arsenal

Folarin Balogun reveals the hidden truth and what Mikel Arteta said to him before he left Arsenal

“I feel that the Arsenal fans deserve to know some of the things that happened behind the camera, so this is the right and perfect time for me to speak out and address the public about the issue,” he said.The whole story is revealed by Folarin Balogun, who also learns what Mikel Arteta told him before leaving Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta’s conversation with Folarin Balogun prior to his departure from Arsenal has been made public.

Folarin Balogun has already discussed his departure from Arsenal in the summer and his final conversations with Mikel Arteta.

When Arteta got back from Stade Reims, Balogun told ESPN that he didn’t say much at first.

Then, in accordance with Balogun, it became clear that the Arsenal hierarchy would make a decision.

“He didn’t really say much, he just said that when I came back, he just said well done, and he encouraged me to keep going,” said Balogun.

Then, returning during a preseason, it was just a matter of seeing whether I fit into his plans and could still participate in certain games.

He promised to make every effort to involve me.

Naturally, he also informed me that those in positions of authority were deciding what was best for me.

So while our chats were enjoyable, they were primarily focused on the club and their goals.

When Balogun departed Arsenal, he allegedly had a great rapport with Arteta.

Arsenal supporters must naturally believe that Arteta was present during these conversations with Edu Gasper and others.

Balogun’s remarks suggest that Arsenal made their choice pretty early in the summer.

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Eddie Nketiah and Gabriel Jesus were never going to be simple to replace, and neither of them was seriously considering moving.

Furthermore, Arteta and Arsenal’s choice appeared simple given that Balogun was equally averse to taking a supporting role.

Another matter entirely is whether Arsenal will live to regret losing Balogun.

Recently, some pundits questioned if the team needed to have looked for a replacement for Eddie Nketiah.

Nketiah has drawn considerable criticism for his most recent performance.

Ian Wright believed that Kai Havertz would be a better focal point

for the club following the City game.

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