“He’s exactly the player we need in Arsenal if Mikel Arteta seriously wants to win the league, without him, Arsenal can’t win anything”- Piers Morgan

“He’s exactly the player we need in Arsenal if Mikel Arteta seriously wants to win the league, without him, Arsenal can’t win anything”- Piers Morgan

If Mikel Arteta is serious about winning the league, we need this man at Arsenal because without him, we can’t win anything.Arsenal must sign just one player, according to Piers Morgan, if they want to win the league. neither Osimhen nor Vlahovic.

Arsenal should bring in a “real striker,” in Piers Morgan’s opinion, to fight with Manchester City for the Premier League championship.

According to Piers Morgan, if Arsenal wants to compete with Manchester City for the Premier League title this year, they must sign Ivan Toney.

The Gunners supporter Morgan made his case for Mikel Arteta’s team to launch a January transfer attempt for the Brentford forward during a discussion with talkSPORT on Monday.

Toney, who was given an eight-month suspension for breaking betting laws and is now ineligible to play until January 2024, has lately started training with Brentford again.

In fact, according to manager Thomas Frank, the Premier League team has a 16-week plan in place to have Toney ready for a debut in January.

On the other hand, Morgan wants Arsenal to act during the following transfer window.

“I think we need to go and get Ivan Toney or someone like him in January because we need a proper striker,” he said.

Every Arsenal supporter is aware of this, and in my opinion, we have been deluding ourselves for too long by thinking that we can live without one.

When asked how they could pay for a potential transfer for the England international, Morgan brought up Kai Havertz, who has struggled since signing from Chelsea in the summer.

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“We could sell Kai Havertz and get our £70 million back!” he exclaimed.

When asked what I would have done, I reply, “People always ask me what I would have done, and what I would have done is gone to Napoli and offered £150 million for Osimhen, and everyone says ‘that’s nuts,’ but we just spent nearly half of that on Havertz, who doesn’t seem to be anywhere near the standard we need to win the league.”

I think the reasoning is pretty superficial. Declan Rice, who was terrific, was picked up by us. In that team, we have some wonderful players like Saliba, who was on fire again yesterday, Odegaard, who is outstanding when in top form, and Martinelli, who we have really missed.

Morgan continued, “We have a lot of great players, but without a proper striker, you can’t win the league.” I apologize if this offends any Arsenal supporters, but if we’re serious, we need to go out and acquire him in January.

Is Toney the ideal candidate to support Arsenal’s title hopes this season?

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