Fabio Vieira delivers one word response Arsenal fans will love

Fabio Vieira delivers one word response Arsenal fans will love

Fabio Vieira gives an answer Arsenal fans will love.

For Arsenal over the past three weeks, Fabio Vieira has made all the difference. The Portuguese midfielder came on against Fulham at halftime, winning a penalty and providing an assist to help the Gunners win the match. More recently, when he replaced Havertz against Manchester United, he assisted Gabriel Jesus to seal the victory and erupt into celebration at the Emirates Stadium.

After the International Games, Fabio Vieira should start games because he is a production machine. The Portuguese midfielder was responding to questions from the Arsenal media crew during the break, and fans will enjoy hearing how he summarized the team.

Fabio Vieira was required to give a one-word response to each of the 21 questions. He responded to a question by discussing his thoughts on playing for Arsenal under Mikel Arteta. Although the 23-year-old struggled last season, in his cameo appearances this season he appears to be performing at a much higher level. He joined the club in the summer of 2021. The £34 million player seems to be a promising talent.

“If you could describe Arsenal in one word, what would it be?” the questioner asked the player. Vieira answered in a single word: “Amazing”—quickly and without hesitation.

Fans of Arsenal will adore this. Despite not even close to reaching his full ability, Fabio Vieira is obviously happier in North London at the start of the season. Arsenal will have a fantastic player on their hands if Mikel Arteta can inspire the Portuguese international to perform to the level of his tremendous potential.

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