Piers Morgan blasts Mikel Arteta after he ‘humiliated’ Arsenal star against Everton

Piers Morgan blasts Mikel Arteta after he ‘humiliated’ Arsenal star against Everton

Piers Morgan says Mikel Arteta humiliated Aaron Ramsdale against Everton on Sunday

Mikel Arteta, the manager of Arsenal, has come under fire from Piers Morgan for his decision to bench Aaron Ramsdale during the victory over Everton, calling it ‘humiliating’ for the goalkeeper. Instead, David Raya, an Arsenal loanee who began in goal and preserved a clean sheet, made his debut for the club.

Piers Morgan fiercely disagreed with Arteta’s selection, particularly in light of Ramsdale’s consistently strong performance as the top goalkeeper the season prior.

He vented his annoyance in a tweet, writing, “I don’t understand why Ramsdale has been dropped? Yes, Havertz, but Ramsdale has consistently provided excellent service for us. Why make him feel bad? I disagree with having two top goalkeepers who are unaware of one another’s position.

Nothing against Raya, who is excellent, he said, “but I don’t like how Ramsdale is being treated. Has a team ever won the League while switching between two of its best goalkeepers? Although I have no idea, I doubt it.

After the victory, Arteta defended his choice to bench Ramsdale by pointing out that both Ramsdale and Raya are very good and would get a lot of action this season.

The same justification, he continued, “was used when Fabio played here or when Eddie played ahead of Gabriel Jesus. Since Gabriel has more trophies than anyone else in that dressing room, including me, no one has ever asked me why he hasn’t begun.

Arteta acknowledged the custom of switching goalkeepers over time and declared himself open to doing so if necessary.

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“Someone will do it, and it’ll be strange, and you’ll ask why, but tell me why not?” he exclaimed. If another goalie has all the necessary traits to perform a task, then do it.

The North London Derby against Tottenham and a Champions League matchup against PSV Eindhoven are among Arsenal’s upcoming games. Between these games, the goalie selection will probably continue to be a hot topic of conversation.

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