Declan Rice reveals the embarrassing prank played on him by Mikel Arteta

Declan Rice reveals the embarrassing prank played on him by Mikel Arteta

Declan Rice speaks about how Mikel Arteta is on and off the pitch at Arsenal

Declan Rice is loving life in North London after joining Arsenal for a record-breaking £105 million in the summer. The England international recently discussed his adjustment to life under Mikel Arteta and how the Arsenal manager is both on and off the field of play.

Rice talked about joining Arsenal and working with Mikel Arteta in a video posted on the Tubes and Ange Golf Life channel. The 24-year-old was quite complimentary of his new manager.

Mikel Arteta is an extremely demanding coach that expects the finest performance from each of his players both on and off the field. Since taking over as manager of Arsenal in 2019, the manager has drastically transformed the appearance of the football club. Arteta has altered the club’s culture and infused the Emirates Stadium with a winning mindset and a sense of community that had been missing for a long time.

Declan Rice thought a transfer to Arsenal was the proper next step in his career because the club and its supporters have never been closer. Even in the summer, he preferred Arsenal to Manchester City, and he has acknowledged that the Arsenal boss played a significant role in his decision.

Declan Rice emphasized Mikel Arteta’s wonderful character off the field while praising him as a coach.

Mikel Arteta is the best, according to Declan Rice. A top-notch man both on and off the field. On the field, you can see how good he is tactically, and off the field, he’s also a pretty top man, in my opinion.

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Rice continued by describing how the Arsenal manager aided his speedy integration. On his first day at the club, Mikel Arteta made a small joke about him signing a new record. Rice was forced to wear an unsightly sticker that read, “Hello, I’m the new person!” on his shirt by Arsenal’s manager.

“When Mikel Arteta entered the room, he simply placed it on my chest and ordered me to wear it. I felt like Will from The Inbetweeners when I passed the U18s and U21s in the canteen.

IDeclan Rice is just one of several members of the Arsenal team who have spoken highly of the Gunners manager in recent months, demonstrating how much the players enjoy working with Mikel Arteta both on and off the field.

Rob Holding recently discussed the Arsenal manager and how he has altered the culture of the team before he left for Crystal Palace: “Arteta is so big on including everyone’s families. In the summer, we hold a team BBQ day when everyone’s families and dogs are welcome.

“Last season, we held a winter training camp in Dubai, and you were allowed to bring your families, which makes it so much easier on the players.”

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