Norway won their match 6-0 but Erling Haaland stayed on the bench, find out why

Norway won their match 6-0 but Erling Haaland stayed on the bench, find out why

The Norwegian team had a solid performance and won the match. Norway explained the reason why Manchester City’s superstar stayed on the bench.

Manchester City is starting to strengthen its team for coming season.

The English platoon has established itself in an important way and now, hopes to fight for all the titles formerly again.

After the departure of Gundogan and conceivably Bernardo Silva, the platoon closed the deal for Kovacic and now, they’re taking one of Manchester United’s great bents in a surprising way.

Manchester City are close to reaching an agreement with Manchester United for center- reverse Harrison Parker.

The citizens have beaten four top clubs to the signing, with an agreement now near despite United offering the loftiest youth deal to keep the player.

This is an important U16 gift who can give Pep Guardiola’s platoon a lot of joy once he joins the youth platoon.

One of the big reasons why Manchester City accelerated his purchase was precisely because he’ll be 17 times old soon and is getting near to reach the age of maturity, which requires him to have a professional contract. commodity that would also make his price rise.

Given this situation, a smart move on the part of the English directors.

The Portuguese player has an important offer from Saudi Arabia and the reality is that the player has not yet reflected on his future. It’s a payment six times advanced than what he earns in Manchester and a transfer figure of 70 million euros for Manchester City.

A accessible option for both parties, but one that Silva will end up deciding.

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