De Bruyne’s decision to play for a great club, Guardiola trembles

De Bruyne's decision to play for a great club, Guardiola trembles

Kevin De Bruyne would have made Guardiola tremble with the possibility of leaving City

Without a doubt, Manchester City’s success can be attributed in large part to the fact that they have one of the best technical directors in the world—not to mention the best of all—in the Spanish strategist.

Pep Guardiola, who has developed a style of play that very few people in football possess, is the reason why they have amassed several victories and trophies in all of the contests in which they participate.

But the fact that they also possess one of the best squads in the world—not to say that it is the best of all—cannot be disputed. For the same reason, they have a lot of chances to compete with any team, as they possess the best players in both the midfield’s defense and the attack, giving them the ability to harm any club in the world with ease.

And one of Manchester City’s top players overall, as he plays both defense and offense. When they defeated Italian rival Inter Milan previous season, the squad was able to win the UEFA Champions League for the first time thanks in large part to the passes and ball recoveries of offensive midfielder Kevin De Bruyne.

And if it is true that the player has been talked about a lot because he has been a pillar in all conceivable aspects, it appears that he had previously put his technical director in a difficult situation. This was the case with Spanish tactician Pepe Guardiola as well as with all the fans because there is a possibility that the player of the team will go to the Saudi Arabian team photo like everyone else.

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This would be the Fate of Kevin De Bruyne


And while it is true that it has been stated that there is a chance that the player will go to waste because the presidents of the teams in that league have chosen to bring the best players in the world to those places, it is felt that this is not the case because the player still has a valid contract and the decision has been made to continue in the Manchester City team to be suitable to be conquering all of Europe with his club.

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