Breaking news, the Manchester United star who will play for Pep Guardiola and City next season

Breaking news, the Manchester United star who will play for Pep Guardiola and City next season

Unexpectedly, Manchester United player leaving for rival for next season

For the upcoming season, Manchester City is starting to bolster its roster.

The English team has made a significant amount of progress and now expects to compete for all the titles once more.

The team completed the acquisition of Kovacic after losing Gundogan and perhaps Bernardo Silva, and they are now utilizing one of Manchester United’s greatest talents in an unexpected manner.

Harrison Parker, a center-back, is a player that Manchester City and Manchester United are close to agreeing upon.

Despite United offering the player the highest youth deal, the citizens beat four elite clubs to the signing, and an agreement is now close.

This is a significant U16 prospect who, once he joins the youth team, can bring Pep Guardiola’s squad a lot of happiness.

He will turn 17 shortly and is moving closer to reaching the age of maturity, which allows him to have a professional contract, which was one of the main reasons Manchester City rushed his purchase.

a factor that would also increase his price. This was a wise decision on the part of the English Managers.

What will happen with Bernardo Silva at Manchester City?


The fact is that the Portuguese player has yet to comment on his future despite receiving a significant offer from Saudi Arabia. The pay is six times what he makes in Manchester, and Manchester City paid a transfer price of 70 million euros to get him.

Silva will ultimately decide on this choice, but it is one that is practical for both sides.

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