“The Champions League championship trophy is in my kitchen!” Fans of Man City who missed the triple finals were surprised.

"The Champions League championship trophy is in my kitchen!" Fans of Man City who missed the triple finals were surprised.

Two lifelong Manchester City fans couldn’t make the Champions League final last month – so the club made sure the trophy got to them instead.

Jim Dolan, a lifetime supporter of Manchester City, never would have anticipated what was waiting outside when he heard a knock at the door on Thursday.

City shocked Jim and his family by bringing the authentic Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup trophies to his home as he was wearing his brand-new 2023–24 uniform, which had just arrived that morning.

Jim missed the FA Cup and Champions League finals six weeks ago due to a stroke, so he gave his son the tickets to both events.

Thankfully, Jim is now completely recovered, but City’s community arm wanted to make sure he saw the awards the Blues weren’t able to watch being lifted last month.

The club would deliver the trophies to Jim if he was unable to attend the finals to view them.

Since I purchased my first ticket in 1974, when I was 14 years old, I have owned season tickets, Jim told the Manchester Evening News. “I obtained a job when I was 13 and lied about my age to acquire a part-time work. I made a pound a week and saved up enough money to buy a season ticket on the old Maine Road.

“I did feel sick during the season’s final game. Although I had a stroke, my Covid test result was positive. I saw an optician a short while afterwards, and they referred me to the hospital. Just now, my life changed.Because I was so sick, I skipped the FA Cup final and barely watched the final five minutes on television. Prior to the Champions League final, I was pretty ill but watched on television. It’s been six weeks, and I’m finally starting to feel better. This is a very unique thing.

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That won’t happen again, the Champions League trophy is in my kitchen! The FA Cup has more visual appeal in my opinion, but it also has more history. 1981 saw my first FA Cup final as a supporter, and we lost to Tottenham. It is great to witness it firsthand in your own home.

“It’s special of the club as a whole to have the time to do tiny things like this for fans. There are many critics for various reasons, yet this is invaluable. Everything that has happened in the background and the residents in the neighborhood is invaluable.

Before surprising Jim, City and the trophies went to a care facility in South Manchester to surprise Geoffrey Rothband, a 102-year-old City supporter. The three trophies will be touring the world for several months, beginning with the first team’s preseason tour of Japan and South Korea later this month. These community visits are part of that trip.

Nigel Rothband, Geoffrey’s son, wrote on Twitter: “Thank you Man City for making an old man very happy. It was a fantastic idea to deliver all three trophies to dad’s nursing facility in advance of his 103rd birthday next month. Four generations of City supporters may now celebrate together.

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