Breaks his silence, what Bernardo Silve says about leaving Manchester City, Guardiola trembles

Breaks his silence, what Bernardo Silve says about leaving Manchester City, Guardiola trembles

Bernardo Silva and what he says about leaving Manchester City for next season

Regarding his future with Manchester City, Bernardo Silva has not made any public statements.

The Portuguese player had obviously kept silent about potential outcomes despite being lured by teams like FC Barcelona or even PSG.

Finally breaking his silence, the player now discusses his emotions following the conclusion of the previous campaign.

Bernardo Silva reportedly offered himself to Barcelona, but the team’s financial circumstances aren’t optimal for them to be able to sign him.

The cost of hiring the Manchester City player would be almost 80 million euros, which the Culés are now unable to afford.

The player is already making predictions about what might occur. After getting married to Ines Denegar a few days prior, the athlete spoke to Hello Magazine.

The athlete declared that “winning the UEFA Champions League and getting married to his fiancée has been one of the best moments.”

He acknowledged that becoming a father would mean far more than his career at the same time.

This might therefore reveal a hint about his future.

Where will Bernardo Silva play?


Bernardo Silva could put the Saudi Arabian offer below his desire to prioritize his family and becoming a father.

The Portuguese player, who is among the highest paid in the world, would participate in a competition with significantly more pay and less requirements than those in Europe.

As Koulibaly acknowledged, there are instances when family needs must come first.

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