What Pep Guardiola did to make Kevin de Bruyne a Manchester City star

What Pep Guardiola did to make Kevin de Bruyne a Manchester City star

Pep Guardiola’s action to turn Kevin de Bruyne into a Manchester City star

One of the top players on the team and a longtime member of Manchester City is Kevin de Bruyne.

He has taken home the Champions League, Premier League, and FA Cup this year. This striker’s performance has impressed Guardiola.

De Bruyne was hired by Manchester City after a few unsuccessful years at Chelsea. Pep Guardiola later visited the Citizens and saw Kevin.

Concerned about working with the Spanish Coach, the Belgian attacker felt uneasy.

In an interview with The Players Tribune, Kevin described the thing Pep Guardiola did for him to help him perform better.

De Bruyne is currently regarded as one of the top players in the world and at Manchester City.

What did Pep tell me?’ You’re a TOP 5 player in the world’.

At our first meeting, he told me.

I was pushed away from him in such manner.

Perhaps he wanted to demonstrate his confidence in me or share his expectations with me, Kevin de Bruyne told The Players Tribune.”I believe it introduced me to a different style of football play.

The influence of pep Guardiola with Kevin De Bruyne


Everyone who works with Pep, in my opinion, picks up a new football philosophy, one that emphasizes winning above all else. Few people are able to comprehend it.

He would rather lose by playing the way he wants to play than win by defending and playing the counterattack. Kevin De Bruyne said.

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