What Haaland was spot doing with Croatian model at Ibiza

What Haaland was spot doing with Croatian model at Ibiza

Julian Alvarez and his rountine while on vacation

Everyone was taken aback when Erling Haaland was sighted in Ibiza with renowned Croatian model Ivana Knoll.

The Norwegian athlete made the most of his vacation by traveling to Spain, where he met the infamous European model who gained notoriety during the World Cup. This is what Julian Alvarez is doing right now while Haaland is relaxing on his vacation.

Julian Alvarez had a fantastic season after making his Manchester City debut. The Spider completed his hat-trick in Istanbul by winning the first Champions League in English team history—a competition that eluded him and was the object of the organization’s great preoccupation.

He had already defeated their longtime rival Manchester United in the FA Cup final and the Premier League.

The native of Calchn travels with his girlfriend Mara Emilia Ferrero while the chip is set to Vacation mode.

The striker, who will compete for a starting position next season, shared a cute video on social media. He used a pan of the Italian beaches in Sardinia in it.

The player is now anticipated to practice with Haaland in the upcoming days.

What will happen with Julian Álvarez?


Actually, the player will stay with Manchester City. Guardiola believes it to be vital, therefore barring an unusual offer, the Argentine will play another season in the Premier League despite the desire of teams like Real Madrid or Bayern Munich. The player and his group of friends have made this known.

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