After the arrival of Kovacic, the first Manchester City player to refuse to play with him

After the arrival of Kovacic, the first Manchester City player to refuse to play with him

Unexpectedly, the first Manchester City player who would not play with Kovacic

Mateo Kovacic has officially joined Manchester City as a player.

The Croatian player is already following Pep Guardiola’s instructions and will take the place of Gundogan in the upcoming season after being acquired by Chelsea FC for 25 million euros.

However, the player who might not share the field of play with the Croatian was recently recognized after the player’s introduction.

Bernardo Silva’s future with Manchester City is still unclear.

The Portuguese player is still silent about his future with the squad and is beginning to drive the board crazy. They are unsure whether to organize a team without him or whether it is still appropriate to rely on the player for the upcoming season.

Thus, it is unexpected that the player, whose contract is valid until 2025, has still not expressed his desire.

Beyond all of the individual victories, Bernardo Silva has signed his finest contract with Manchester City. This is due to the fact that the adaptable Portuguese player was essential in situations that could have meant the difference between life and death for the Sky Blue squad during the signing of the triple.

The player is currently the subject of significant offers from FC Barcelona and Saudi Arabia.

What will Bernardo Silva do about his future?


Bernardo has a crazy offer from Saudi Arabian soccer on the table, but he is also awaiting bids from PSG and Barcelona. However, the people at Manchester City, who have given him until the end of the month, are the ones who cannot and do not want to wait any longer.

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