Declan Rice list what Man City can offer him that Arsenal can’t

Declan Rice list what Man City can offer him that Arsenal can't

Declan Rice has been pushed by Robbie Fowler to go with Manchester City if he hopes to capture significant trophies.

Rice, who appears ready to depart West Ham this summer in quest of Champions League play and the potential to win a trophy, is reportedly attracting interest from City.

The 24-year-old acknowledged that he was jealous of his England colleagues for doing just that during the World Cup.

In the competition to recruit Rice, Arsenal has long been seen as the favorite, but rumors claim the midfielder would still prefer to join Mikel Arteta’s team because of the assurance of consistent playing time.

West Ham has turned down the Gunners’ first two offers, but a third one is anticipated.

If Rice actually wants to fight for the top honors, Fowler believes there is only one place for him to go, regardless of whether City’s interest materializes into a formal offer.

“The one thing a player is guaranteed when they sign up for Pep Guardiola at the Etihad is a bag full of medals,” Fowler stated in his Sunday Mirror column. “Ask City’s most recent midfielder, who cost them £100 million.

Jack Grealish has won the Champions League, two Premier League championships, and the FA Cup since leaving Aston Villa two years ago. After City won the Triple Crown, it is understandable why Jack wanted to celebrate.

Despite increased interest in Manchester, Rice is still believed to prefer traveling to the Emirates.

The England international almost has a lock on a spot in Arteta’s first team, and the Spaniard sees him as a future captain.

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Rodri, Kevin De Bruyne, and Mateo Kovacic all seem firmly established in City’s midfield, and Mateo Kovacic is destined to step into Ilkay Gundogan’s shoes.

Rodri has emerged as one of Guardiola’s most dependable players, and his decisive goal against Inter Milan in the Champions League final solidified his rising prominence, according to Fowler.

More than any other player, the Spaniard participated in 56 of City’s 61 games in the previous campaign.

Rodri has grown to be a necessity, even for a coach like Guardiola who has complete faith in his team. And the City manager has even made [John] Stones into a center-back capable of swiftly slipping into central midfield.

“The loss of Ilkay Gundogan to Barcelona is a significant setback, and there are rumors that Bernardo Silva may also depart this summer.

But City has responded by paying £25 million to acquire Mateo Kovacic from Chelsea.Rice must therefore decide whether he trusts himself to join a squad where reputations and price tags mean nothing. Huge club Arsenal has a colorful past.

However, City is currently creating their own history.

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