Why Man City fans are boycotting Community Shield

Why Man City fans are boycotting Community Shield

Here are the evening headlines for Manchester City on June 24.

Manchester City supporters have won a win over the authorities this week by moving the Community Shield kick-off time back by 90 minutes later this summer. “It’s the tipping point,” said Man City fans of their continued boycott of the Community Shield. However, they don’t intend to stay there.

The decision to arrange the 2023 Community Shield curtain-raiser vs. Arsenal at Wembley on Sunday, August 6, with a 5.30pm kickoff time infuriated the majority of City supporters. Because there were few public transportation choices on a Sunday night, 30,000 City supporters had to go back to Manchester in the early hours of Monday morning before going to Wembley once more.

Many supporters were ready to leave the Community Shield and save their money after thousands of supporters spent thousands of pounds to travel to Istanbul at the conclusion of a lengthy season. The 1894 fan club stepped in at that point and organized a boycott of the game to make a strong statement to the FA and the broadcasters ITV.

Declan Rice has a clear opportunity at Man City thanks to Ilkay Gundogan.

Declan Rice is fully aware of what moving to Manchester City or Arsenal entails.

Mikel Arteta has outlined how he can fit into the Arsenal system and how significant a player he can be, and the Gunners have long had the lead in the hunt to sign him. The West Ham midfielder has talked to enough individuals about life at the Etihad to be prepared should City decide to make an offer.

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Anyone comparing the two teams would realize that Rice has a better chance of becoming a key player in North London. Arsenal, who is in the Champions League once more and came close to winning the championship last season, sees Rice as a crucial element in moving them forward.

To put it bluntly, Rice is not nearly as necessary for the City. Rodri made a name for himself last season as the best holding midfielder in the competition as well as one of the fittest due to his extensive playing time.

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