Man City could have four key squad numbers available for upgrades or new signings

Man City could have four key squad numbers available for upgrades or new signings

Manchester City have two vacant squad numbers between 2-11 and could have two more by the end of the transfer window.

The prized number eight shirt at Manchester City will become available this summer as a result of Ilkay Gundogan’s departure.

Since his arrival in 2016, Gundogan has worn the number eight jersey. He will depart after a successful seven years and is anticipated to join Barcelona on a free transfer. It will only be the third City number eight since 2012, whoever inherits it.

Mateo Kovacic is anticipated to sign, and because he wore number eight for Chelsea, he would be a suitable replacement. Squad numbers are frequently used to instill confidence in new recruits right away.

Take a look at Kalvin Phillips’ response when he received Vincent Kompany’s recognizable number 4, or Jack Grealish’s when he received the number 10 shirt. Sergio Gomez was aware that he would be receiving David Silva’s previous 21 jersey number.

Some clubs will use squad numbers to promote players from a higher number to a more “important” number as a way to reward them. Joao Cancelo acquired seven last summer, while Aleks Zinchenko previously increased from 35 to 11.

City may be able to follow suit this summer.

Since Zinchenko left last summer, position 11 has been vacant, and now position 8 is vacant.

If Cancelo departs following his acrimonious loan termination in January, seven would also be open to a new acquisition or deserving member of the squad. The number two may also be available for the first time since 2017 if Kyle Walker joins Bayern Munich rather than Cancelo.

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Could someone like Kevin De Bruyne or Phil Foden be promoted to seven or eight on the current roster? De Bruyne could have taken seven when it was open last summer, but he has worn 17 since he came. Although a more conventional number would better reflect his role to the team, Foden has emphasized the emotional significance of 47, therefore it seems doubtful that he will abandon a number that will always be linked to him.

So maybe if Bernardo Silva stayed, he could get an improvement. Would Rodri, in light of his outstanding season, merit a “eight” rather than a 16? Would Riyad Mahrez or someone like Julian Alvarez get 11 as a reward?

What would happen if Walker were to leave? Is it premature and underwhelming to assign such a number to a player as Rico Lewis? Or would Manu Akanji prefer a different (i.e., higher) number than Fernandinho’s 25?

Since none of the vacant or possibly vacant numbers on the current roster have apparent successors, Kovacic would be a good choice for the eighth spot. Declan Rice could choose from positions 12, 15, 24, 27–30, and most others above 24 if he joined, including his current position of 41 and the 42 that his hero Yaya Toure last held.

Josko Gvardiol, the center-back for RB Leipzig, has been rumored to join the defense, making the choices listed above one possibility for Walker’s backup.

There will always be curiosity over squad numbers, regardless of who departs and who enters. This summer, certain usually significant numbers will once again be available, so everyone will be watching to see who will grab them.

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