Welcome to Manchester City, the two stars Guardiola wants at the club

Welcome to Manchester City, the two stars Guardiola wants at the club

The English team Manchester City is without a doubt one of the best in European football right now, and that’s largely because they’re the ones who have won the league, the cup, and the Champions League competition, which they had been denied for a very long time but finally won just two weeks ago after much difficulty and great football.

Due to the fact that not many teams can have players in each of their defensive, midfield, and offensive lines, the majority of the players who were to be a part of one of the best teams on Earth—not to mention the best—belong to that squad.

Even though every player on the field is very talented, having a fantastic technical coach with the personality of Spanish tactician Josep Guardiola is one of the things that makes having one of the top football teams in the world the most advantageous.

In order to not only be contenders to win it all again but also to reaffirm that they are a team that paints to make one of the greatest of the current decade in football around the world, the Catalans felt the need to add two of the most fashionable players in the world as new signings for the upcoming season.

The two new ones that arrive at City


And it’s been confirmed that the Croatian Mateo Kovacic is one of the signings that Guardiola’s song has called for the most for the upcoming season. Pau Torres, a Spanish player, is another who can bolster the defense and may be one of the best signings in four defenses.

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