Is Kovacic worth this huge transfer fee? Manchester City agreed on

Is Kovacic worth this huge transfer fee? Manchester City agreed on

City accepts Kovacic’s fee

Mateo Kovacic, a midfielder from Croatia, has been agreed to by City and Chelsea for a price. It is believed that the defending Premier League champions will pay a £25 million upfront price and an additional $5 million in prospective add-ons.

Pep Guardiola, the manager of City, has been looking to bolster his midfield options this summer and has long admired Kovacic, who has won four Champions League championship trophies. Three times with Madrid and once with Chelsea, he took home the championship.

Throughout the 2022–23 season, the Croatian made a total of 37 appearances for the Londoners, contributing two goals and two assists. He has appeared 221 times in all for the Stamford Bridge team.

Phillips wants to remain in City

Kalvin Phillips wants to remain at the Etihad Stadium this summer and contend for his spot despite the possibility that the upcoming signing of Kovacic may push him further down the pecking order. He made just 21 appearances for the Blues so far after moving from Leeds United last summer.

The midfield enforcer failed to advance as much as he would have liked during his first season at City because of injuries. On Monday night, he scored his first goal for England in their 7-0 victory against North Macedonia at Old Trafford. In the Premier League, he made just 12 appearances, starting just twice.

Rodri has solidified his position as Guardiola’s primary midfield anchor, therefore Phillips will have a difficult time breaking into the Catalan’s strongest starting lineup. Phillips, though, has no intention of leaving M11.

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