Bernardo Silva made his decision to Saudi Arabia

Bernardo Silva made his decision to Saudi Arabia

If Bernardo Silva is able to depart Manchester City’s structure, he has been linked to FC Barcelona and Paris Saint-Germain in the form of a transfer. Arabia is now exploding as a potential destination for Bernardo Silva.

Saudi Arabia has the ability to upend the entire world of football. And it is because of this that this nation is drawing in a number of significant players who did not think twice to allow themselves to be tempted by the enormous sums of money provided to them in order to further their professional careers.

Karim Benzema’s case has been one of the most significant this summer, however the Frenchman is simply the top of the iceberg.

The list of football players who are available for seduction this summer is more than impressive. And occasionally even shocking. The material made public by renowned journalist David Ornstein, which states that Bernardo Silva will be one of the most crucial instances to consider, is a prime example.

Saudi Arabia also tempts Bernardo Silva

The player, whose current deal with Manchester City expires on June 30, 2025, has been considered for signing by a number of elite clubs, including FC Barcelona in the United States and Paris Saint-Germain in France. He hasn’t, however, moved significantly in any way thus far.

Although Bernardo Silva wants to continue playing in Europe, the significant amount of money handled in Arabia has caused him to already start thinking in this way, according to the aforementioned source. He has met with Portuguese agent Jorge Mendes to negotiate various financial issues.

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