Julián Álvarez made decision on his future in Manchester City

Julián Álvarez made decision on his future in Manchester City

There is no denying that one of the best teams from the recently concluded football season was the English squad, Manchester City, which competes in the Premier League. Not for nothing did they win the triple crown of titles, which included the League, the FA Cup, and the most significant competition, the UEFA Champions League.

However, if it weren’t for the fact that they have one of the best cuisines in all of Europe and the world, not to mention that it’s the most crucial of all, having better level players in each of the positions, from the goalkeeper through the defense and midfield, much less the forwards, that would not have been possible.

There’s no denying that the English team had the best attackers in every conceivable position, from wingers to attacking midfielders, but their center forwards stood out the most. On the one hand, they had the best player on the planet in Norwegian Erling Haaland, and the Argentine forward Julián lvarez shouldn’t be done less.

He didn’t play in as many of the English team’s games as he should have, but he always showed up when it was necessary, similar to what Real Madrid did in the final seconds of a four-to-nil victory, and even though it was possible that he would leave the team , he has eventually cleared his future.

The future of Julián Álvarez

And since the player confirmed that he would not be a member of the Manchester City team but would remain for another season defending the interests of the citizens of Manchester, it appears that there would be no change in the player’s medium- and long-term near future, according to the Spanish website

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