Bye bye Barcelona, the star who leaves the club to join Messi in the United States

Bye bye Barcelona, the star who leaves the club to join Messi in the United States

The team that will play with Lionel Messi during the upcoming MLS season appears to be taking shape for Inter Miami, and quality players are starting to arrive.

Jordi Alba joined the Miami squad thanks to the precise maneuver David Beckham set in motion.

The choice to do so was made by the player. David Beckham wants to get Jordi Alba to sign with Inter Miami as a TAM player, which is a lesser rank than the ballot player and is coveted by Lionel Messi since it enables the team to give the player an advance fee.

The player might select Miami over any other Arab or European team in this fashion, in addition to the chance to play alongside his dear friend Messi once more.

And now is when Jordi Alba makes his decision. Although it appears that the player would like moving to Miami, he will decide when Spain’s UEFA Nations League match is over.

Although everything appears to be moving smoothly, this suggests that Jordi and Lionel Messi will reunite.

Do you think he will eventually move to Miami?

Inter Milan and Atlético Madrid are the other teams battling for Jordi Alba.

Both would be happy to welcome Alba into their species, and they represent a pretty wonderful choice for the Spaniard should he decide to stay in Europe.

But everything still seems to point to the winger’s future being in Miami alongside Lionel Messi.

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