Fans protest that the Premier League fixture list was rigged.

Fans protest that the Premier League fixture list was rigged.

Some Premier League supporters have made the bold claim that the 2023–24 schedule is fixed.

On Thursday, June 15, the Premier League unveiled its fixture list for the upcoming season, which includes some tantalizing games scheduled at the beginning of the season.

The match between Chelsea and Liverpool on the first day of the season is considered by 360mediagist to be the most notable game of the opening weekend.

However, some supporters believe the fixture list was prearranged.

The supporters stated that one such example of a skewed fixture schedule was Vincent Kompany playing his previous team Manchester City on the first day of the season while playing for Burnley.

Schedule unpopular with Wolves supporters

The Premier League allegedly fixed the calendar, according to many Wolves supporters who were the most incensed by it.

Wolves’ season will begin with a match against Manchester United, and it will end with a trip to Anfield to take on Liverpool.

The Sun claims that Liverpool’s final game of the 2021–2022 season was against Wolves.

Since being promoted to the Premier League in 2018, the Midlands club has, incidentally, played a Big Six team on the last day of every season. This has not gone over well with the club’s supporter base.

Pochettino has a challenging opening.

According to 360mediagist, Mauricio Pochettino, the new manager of Chelsea, will have a challenging first day as he welcomes Liverpool to Stamford Bridge.

His first challenging assignment will be the Reds, who had a dismal season last year but made a strong push to qualify for the Europa League. He will formally take charge on July 1.

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